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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ryan's Scribe post

9.The pattern can be represented by the formula b=4f, where b is the number of black dots and f is the figure number.

A) Make a table of values for the number b in figure 1 to 5.
B) Use the formula to determine the number of b in figure 60.
I did is multiply figure 5 by 2 to get 10 and get 40 black dots. Also I multiply figure 10 by 6 to get figure 60 so I multiply 40 black dots by 6 to det 240 black dots.

8.The graph shows the cost of a new drink called Zap and is $3 each.
A)What is the price per can of Zap? Price per can of Zap is $3.

B) Describe three patterns on the graph.
Over 3 and up 1 each time.
3ct3 = n+1

C) If you placed a point ay (0,0), what would each coorinate represent.
O cans and 0 dollars. Because their is nothing that is half a can drinks.

7. To describe the graph in #3, you can say that x increased by 1, and y decreased by 1.

(3) Which table of value represent linelar relation shown.

A. X) 0 1 2 3 4         B. X) 0 1 2 3 4   C. X) 0 1 2 3 4  D. X) 0 1 2 3 4
     Y) 8 6 6 5 4             Y) 8 7 6 4 4        Y) 8 7 6 5 4       Y) 8 6 4 3 2
The answer for 3 is c.

Jesryll's Scribepost

Practice Test ( page 362)

Answer: c. expression, because equation has an equal sign and expression doesn't have an equal sign.

Answer: b. 3b, because the pattern is multiply the b by 3.

Answer: c 

The answer is c.

Here is the Link!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Breister's Scribe Post

Breister's Scribe Post Chapter 9 Review

         Pages 360-361

B) Yes, because the point of the line is in a straight line
C) Yes, because he can still work half the time and get paid half also.

A) The graph is about a grade 8 car wash, its about how much car they have cleaned and the price of it.
B) The pattern is $ = 10c, and the point is in a strait line.
C) A cost of one car wash is $10
E) $150

A) The pattern on the graph is 3 units to the right and 9 units up.
C)  3x +2
      3(2) +2
      6 + 2

D) 3x +2
     3(5) + 2
     15 + 2

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Kamilah's Scribe Post

Chapter 9.3

8. Evaluate y = 7x + 3 using each value.

a. x = 1

 b. x = -4

c. x = 0

d. y = 17

7. Evaluate each equation using the give value.

a. y = 5x - 3 when x = 6

b. y = x - 8 when x = 5

c. y = -5x when x = -2

d. y = x when y = 25 

Practice Test 

Yes it is a linear relation because it has the same pattern and goes in a straight line.

Here's A helpful link

Andrew's Scribepost

Chapter Review Pg. 360 Questions: 7 and 8.
    B) Yes, because the points on the graph are straight. 
    C) Yes its possible. Klaus can only work for part of the hour. 

 Question 8
a) The graph shows how many cars were washed at the grade 8 car wash. 
b) The points are showed as a straight line meaning that its a linear relation. 
c) The cost for 1 car wash is $10.
d) table of values. 
1   10 
2   20 
3   30
4   40
5   50 

9.3 Practice Test Page 362. Questions: 2 and 3
The correct answer would be letter "B". If we used that for base 1,2 and 3 it would work. 
Ex: 3 (1) = 3 
       3 (2) = 6
       3 (3) = 9

The graph relates to the letter C on the table of values. It's the answer because the numbers on the table of values are plotted on the graph. 

Jira’s Scribepost

11.)  The first variables are   m,  p,     d .

                                                    +3   +2    +1
       The second variables are   n,    q,    c.

                                                    +2    -4    +3

b) Yes!!

 c)      2x + 1 = y
        2(12) + 1 = y
           24 + 1 = y
             25 = y

13) each variable represents  a hour
b)  15 represents the kilometres


e)  No! because you can’t know for sure how much kilometre you will go.
f) 15t = d
   15(8) = d
   120 = d

14)    7x = y


table of values

b)  3x - 2 = y


table of values


c)   -2x + 3 = y



 table of values


Josh's Scribepost

9 Chapter Review 

7.) klaus receive $9 every hour. it can be represented as H and $ where (H) is hour and ($) is money.

A.) Table of values


B.) Yes the graph represent a linear relation because the values are in a pattern (Over one up nine)

C.) Yes because you can have half an hour and you can take the half of the money

8.) A $10 car wash can be represent as C and $ where (C) is cars and ($) is money

A.) Each Car you wash will be $10

B.) the pattern is over one up ten

C.) Each car wash cost $10
D.)Table of Value


E.) c= x10

9.)Linear Relation

A.) the pattern is over 3 up 9

B.) Table of values



C.) 3x +2 

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Jessica D's Scribepost Chapter 9 Review

Pages 360-361

Question 7.


b) Yes, because the points on the graph are in a straight line.
c) Yes, because he can work for half of an hour and get paid half of the amount or he can work for 1 hour and a half and get paid for that amount as well.
Question 8.
a) The graph shows how many cars were washed at the grade 8 car wash and the total cost they earned.
b) The points are in a straight line with means this is a linear relation.
c) $10.00 for one car.


e) $150
Question 14.
Equation A: y=7x



y= -9 when x= -7

Equation B: y=3x-2

y= -23 when x= -7

Equation C: y=-2x+3

y= 17 when x= -7
There wasn't any videos or a website that would help with what we are learning right now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

AJ's Scribepost

Chapter 9 review page 360-361.

7.A) Here is my table of values.

B.) Does the graph represent a linear relation? explain.
answer: Yes, the graph represents a linear relation because the points on the graph lay on a straight line.

C.) Is it possible to have other points between the ones on this graph? Explain.
Answer : 

8.) Describe what the graph is about.
Answer: The graph shows the amount of money earned at a grade 8 car wash based on the number of the car washed.

B.) Describe patterns on the graph.
Answer: For every car that is washed $10 is collected. the pattern on this graph is 10  

C.) what is the cost of one car wash? 
Answer: the cost of one car wash is $10.

D.) Table of values.

E.) If 15 cars are washed, what is the income for the grade 8? 

Answer: 15 x 10 = 150, $150 is the income of the grade 8.

9.) Describe the patterns on the graph.
Answer: The point lie in a straight line. the pattern is +2.

B.) My table of values.

C.) Y=  when X is 2 

D,) Y= 17 when X is 5