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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Textbook 9.2 - Questions, 8, 10, 12

Question 8:
Yes because you add 1 to c each time and you add 8 to d each time
Not really because you don't add the same value to each one.

Question 10:

B)Yes, because for m you always add one. And for n you always add 90.


D) 90(12)=1080

Question 12:

1.10 dimes and 20 quarters. 
2.20 dimes and 16 quarters. 
3.30 dimes and 12 quarters.
4.40 dimes and 8 quarters.
5.50 dimes and 4 quarters.

Yes the relationship is linear because the points lie in a straight line.
Dimes: 55 with 2 quarters
Quarters: 22 with 5 dimes

I couldn't find a video so here is a link which I think explains Linear Relations.

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  1. Good job Nicole! I really like your post. It's very neat and I can undertsnad it. You explained it very well. I liked how you showed the pattern with the chart.