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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Josh's Fraction Scribepost

Hello 8-14

3.)  a.) Model the devision 1/2 divide 2using manipulatives or diagrams.
      b.) which metod did you use? explain why you choosed it.


5.) determine the quotient.
   a.)  3/5 divided by 2=  3/10

   b.)  1/5 divided by 3= 1/15
   c.)   1/2 divided by 4= 1/8
   d.)   2/3 divided by 6= 2/18
9.)Ingrid runs 3 laps of a track in 1/4 h. on average, how much time does she take to run one lap? express your answer.
a.) as a fraction 1/3
b.) in minutes   5 minutes
12.) it takes 4/5 of a roll of ribon to wrap 6 packages. what fraction of a roll does it take to wrap 3 packages.

 Here is the video explaining on how to divide fraction by whole numbers

Here is the link on how to divide fractions by whole a whole number.

My Test Corrections

my first misatake was 16/9 divided by 3/2

my second mistake was 16 divided by 1/8
my third mistake was 1/2 divided by 1/4

my fourth mistake was 5/6 x 1/2

my fifth mistake was 1/4 divided by 1/3
how many groups of 1/4 are in 1/3

my last mistake was 5/8 divided by 1/4
how many groups of 5/8 are in 1/3


  1. Great job Josh! I liked how you added pictures to show how you got your answer and made it big so that it was easy for us to see. I also liked how you made everything clear and easy to understand and also how you found a video and link on the topic that we are learning. Well you had everything you needed to add to this post and didn't forget to add anything so good job!

  2. Good job Josh! I liked how you added your own pictures to show how you got your answer to the question! Your pictures are very clear, and I can understand them! I also liked how you added a video and a link on the topic we are learning.

  3. Hi, I liked how you added your own pictures and how clear it is. You explained how to answer the questions very well, and I liked how you added a video, a link, and you put the questions above the pictures where the answers are. You did an excellent job!

  4. hi josh! i like how you made your own pictures and i liked how you added a video and link. But next time you should explain it more better to make it understandable. Overall, you did a great job!!