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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Graphing: Textbook Page 340

B) The pattern is that ever 100 quantity, it would cost you 75 dollars, so you just keep adding 75.
C) half of 75 is 50, so If the quantity is 350 it would be 225, which is 225 plus the 50 which is 37.5 so that should add up to 242.5
E) Its the same thing
B) For every 2 boxes of almonds you make a 1 dollar profit. Divide
the boxes of almonds by two then you will get the profit. In the boxes of almonds you add by two and profit you add by 1.
C) The School makes a 1 dollar profit.
D)Its basicly the same thing as number C, but turned around.

A) It means that tome can type 80 words in 2 minutes.
B) 40 words per minute.
C) Yes because if you connect the dots, it will be a line.
D) NO because your typing speed can be different each time.

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  1. This is a good scribe post. TO make it better you would have to have more of an explanation and a video and a link,