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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jessica D's Scribepost Chapter 9 Review

Pages 360-361

Question 7.


b) Yes, because the points on the graph are in a straight line.
c) Yes, because he can work for half of an hour and get paid half of the amount or he can work for 1 hour and a half and get paid for that amount as well.
Question 8.
a) The graph shows how many cars were washed at the grade 8 car wash and the total cost they earned.
b) The points are in a straight line with means this is a linear relation.
c) $10.00 for one car.


e) $150
Question 14.
Equation A: y=7x



y= -9 when x= -7

Equation B: y=3x-2

y= -23 when x= -7

Equation C: y=-2x+3

y= 17 when x= -7
There wasn't any videos or a website that would help with what we are learning right now.

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