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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

AJ's Scribepost

Chapter 9 review page 360-361.

7.A) Here is my table of values.

B.) Does the graph represent a linear relation? explain.
answer: Yes, the graph represents a linear relation because the points on the graph lay on a straight line.

C.) Is it possible to have other points between the ones on this graph? Explain.
Answer : 

8.) Describe what the graph is about.
Answer: The graph shows the amount of money earned at a grade 8 car wash based on the number of the car washed.

B.) Describe patterns on the graph.
Answer: For every car that is washed $10 is collected. the pattern on this graph is 10  

C.) what is the cost of one car wash? 
Answer: the cost of one car wash is $10.

D.) Table of values.

E.) If 15 cars are washed, what is the income for the grade 8? 

Answer: 15 x 10 = 150, $150 is the income of the grade 8.

9.) Describe the patterns on the graph.
Answer: The point lie in a straight line. the pattern is +2.

B.) My table of values.

C.) Y=  when X is 2 

D,) Y= 17 when X is 5

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  1. I think that you explained the liner relation in a non confusing way. Next time you should label your graph more and make it clearer.