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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Breister's Scribe Post

Breister's Scribe Post Chapter 9 Review

         Pages 360-361

B) Yes, because the point of the line is in a straight line
C) Yes, because he can still work half the time and get paid half also.

A) The graph is about a grade 8 car wash, its about how much car they have cleaned and the price of it.
B) The pattern is $ = 10c, and the point is in a strait line.
C) A cost of one car wash is $10
E) $150

A) The pattern on the graph is 3 units to the right and 9 units up.
C)  3x +2
      3(2) +2
      6 + 2

D) 3x +2
     3(5) + 2
     15 + 2

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