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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Perry's Fraction Scribepost

Hello So today in class we had three questions we had to do, but we had to find different ways to answer them. There were three different ways we found them.

1. A Number Line 
2. Addition 
3. In Words

For the Number Line you just make your number line and multiply it by how much its suppose to be multiplied by, by making jumps on the line. eg. 6 x 1/2. you jump 1/2, 6 times.

For the Addition all you're pretty much doing is adding one fraction to the other, or if it's not a fraction, if it's a whole number you still do the same. eg. 6 x 1/2. 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 +1/2 +1/2 

For the words, the multiplication sign ( x ) is just removed and " groups of " is put in there.

 Here are some other vocabulary we've learned. 

Here is a video kind of related to our learning today. Hope it helps !!!  

Hope i got everything we learned today ! Goodnight !


My Test Corrections

My first mistake was ....

My second mistake was....
" Tamar had 1/2 of an apple pie in her refrigerator. She ate 1/4 of this piece of pie. What fraction of a whole pie did she eat ? " I was pretty clue less on this question. So I didn't mind making a picture which i should of which would of looked like this....

My third mistake was making a picture for the second question at the bottom. I got it wrong because i didnt count the cubes right. Here's the right way to draw it.

My last mistake was that I didn't convert right. So the question was 5/8 divided by 1/4 so that answer was 20/8 but when i converted it, I converted it wrong the right way was 20/8 = 10/4 = 5/2 or 2 1/2 .


  1. Great job Perry! I like how you explained everything that we did in class well and made it really clear for us to understand. I also like how you made pictures on how to solve the question and also on how you found a video related to the topic that we are learning. I also liked how your pictures were pretty clear but maybe you could make the first one a bit bigger to make it easier for some of us to see. Maybe next time you should add a link to help people who are still having difficulties. I think you did a great job overall though!

  2. Good Job Perry! I liked how you explained your picture so that we could understand more and I liked how you used pictures and it is also clear so that everyone could see. I also liked how your video related to our topic. But maybe next time you should to make up your own idea instead of copying selena's.. but otherwise than that, everything was good!

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  4. I liked how you explained all the questions we did yesterday clearly! You made your work very clear for us to understand too. Maybe next time you should add a link to your post to help us understand a bit more. Also make sure you do your work carefully because your title says "Perry's Fraction Subscribepost" and I'm pretty sure the title of our post should be "____'s Fraction Scribepost" Overall you did a good job!

  5. I like how you explained the questions very clearly, and you added examples that helps us understand what you're talking about. I think you should add a link to a website that will help us learn more methods. Also, you might want to check your title!

  6. I like how you explained the steps clearly, and you made examples. I also like how you got the idea of taking your own picture, and how it's really clear to see. But next time, I think you should add a link to your post and you might also want to take out the 'sub' part on your title. But overall, you did a great job on making the post.

  7. I liked you've used your own photos to make your examples. Your explaning was clear, it helped me refresh my mind of what we did at Math yesterday from some steps I didn't quite get. Also, your video you chose was also in fact clear, and understanding for your viewers. Just one mistake that's most noticeable is your tittle, subscribepost, was suppose to be sribepost.. Anyways, Good job on everything else Perry!

  8. Good job! I liked how you used your own photos to explain to your peers how to solve the question. It also shows how you understand how to solve it. I liked how you explained it with pictures and words! Good choice of video. Good job, Perry!

  9. good job perry i like how you enlarged your pics and your video it cleared some stuff up good job