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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jason's Scribe post

5) A long distance telephone plan can be represented as C=t 
where c = cost  and t = time in minuets 

The numbers I chose to use for this are 2,8,10,12
Here is a picture  of the graph I made for this 

time                cost  
2                     12
6                     36
8                     48
10                   60

Yes it is reasonable to put plots between other plots because you may not talk for 10 min exactly you would put the plot between the 10 and the 11

Every time in this question its y=7x+3

A)  7x+3=y      B)      7x+3=y             C)   7x+3=y
      7(1)+3=y              7(4)=+3=y               7(0)+3=y
      7+3=y                   24+3=y                   0+3=y                
       10=y                     27=y                       3=y


14) Here is you answer fro # 14 

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  1. Good job Jason! I liked how you highlighted the answers so we could understand more. Next time you could make your post as little more organized so people dont have a hard time reading it.