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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Graphing: Textbook Page 338

How to deal with those pesky little graphs:

a) Yes, you can. You can buy 2 flowers.
b) There would be one on 2, because you can buy that amount

a)( 60, 2)
b) 60 = $60 invested
      2 = Simple interest
c) The amount invested goes up by 20
The interest multiplied by 20 = amount invested
d) 90. 180 / 20 = 90


b) The functional pattern is the length .cm multiplied by 4
The perimeter cm is adding by 2
c) Yes, you can have a measurement that has a decimal (e.g. 3.5)
d) Yes, it's linear. The graph data is shown in a straight line.

Hey. Click here. It's pre-algebra graphs. (It deals with negative numbers too.) 
Here's a video with a nice lady who'll teach you about graphing
(The video's embed was disabled.)

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  1. Alyssa this is a good post but you are lacking full explanations to complete the questions. Keep on working hard.