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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Alyssa's Fraction Scribepost

Hi! Today in class we talked about how to properly divide whole numbers by fractions and vice-versa.

First off, we used words to describe or work out the problem. We used "How many groups of ____ go into _____?" or "Share ____ equally with _____ a group".
Then we talked about using the number line. I'll use 6÷½(one half).You divide the number line into your fraction, into halves for example. Then count how many times it goes into your number!

We then talked about reciprocals (I think they're the easiest!). I'll use the same question to provide and example. You take the "denominator" and make it into 1 or a whole (it's usually just the fraction inverted!). Then use that reciprocal and multiply the "numerator" by it.

Here's the hard part. A fraction divided by a whole number. 
Here, you use the "Share ____ with ____ equal groups" sentence. 
I'll use a quarter divided by 3.

Here is a link to a simpler explanation on reciprocals, just in case you didn't read all of this. Here it is
And here is a video from a teacher explaining this!

Sorry if this post was too long! I just wanted to show everything we learned about in class! Have a good night!

My Test Corrections 

Here are my corrections for the first part of the test.
(I'm sorry for my extremely awful pictures)

 I realized that in the test, I used common denominators right away, for some reason.

And here are my corrections for the second part of the test.


  1. I liked how you made everything easy and understandable, from that includes, the things we did at math today, it helped because it has refreshed my head, your pictures are also easy to understand if you like added 1/2 before the number, (example: 1/2 2, 1/2 3)I also liked how you added faces on your 3rd picture to catch the views attention! Your video you've picked was good too, good job Alyssa!

  2. I liked how you explained how to answer the question using words and pictures! Also I liked how you added a link and a video to make sure the class has a better understanding on what we did in class today. Maybe next time you do another Scribepost you could make your own video and see how that will work. All in all you did a very good job!

  3. Great job! I liked how you used words and pictures to describe and explain everything we did in class and made it really easy for us to understand and also on how you took the time to draw the pictures yourself. I also liked how you found a link on reciprocals to help people who may not have the best understanding of it yet since we just started talking about it in class today. I also liked how you found a video on it as well so that no one will be having troubles with what we learned and worked on today. I don't really have anything that I think you need to improve on since you did such a great job! So great job once again!

  4. I liked how you used pictures and made it easy to understand. I liked how when you drew the example of the peoples faces! It was quite eye catching! Great Job!

  5. Good job!!! I love your faces they made me laugh:)I also enjoyed how easy you made the group sharing part. I also thought you did nice, clean, easy to read pictures

  6. Good job Alyssa! I liked how you explained how to solve the question and it was easy to understand, but maybe next time you can separate your sentences if your talking about something new? I also liked how you used a picture that was clear to understand, and the video was a good video for our topic. You also picked a good website that showed us a better understanding for what we are doing. Overall you did really good!

  7. Hey Alyssa! I liked how you explained all the details in how to solve the questions and how you added color to make the important words, stand out. I liked also how you made the pictures clear and the faces are really nice too. The examples are really understandable, but next time I think you should reduce the amount of extra words that you used. But overall, you did a great job!

  8. Great job! I liked how you used your own pictures to show how to do it. It also showed that you understand our current unit we are working on. You explained each question very well. Good job.