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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

eden's fraction scribepost

Yesterdays Work
Hey guys sorry this is so late. I was having technical issues yesterday so here is my scribe post.
Yesterday we learned about fractions and multiplying with whole numbers.
Two techniques we used were the...
1) Number line
Here is an example

Here is a good website to check out:
It also has a video.

Sorry if I missed some stuff :)
Have fun doing math homework!


  1. Good job Eden! I like how you explained how to do each technique.

  2. good job Eden! I think it's great how you still posted despite all the difficulties! Nice job showing how to do everything as well!

  3. I liked how you explained how to do the questions using the techniques we use. Maybe next time make sure you add everything that we learned but that's okay! Great job!

  4. Good job! I liked how you explained some things that we did in class and took a picture of it to make it easier for us to understand. Maybe next time you should add everything that we did in class. But it's okay, you still did good!

  5. Hey Eden! I think you did a great job explaining, but I think you could have added more.

  6. HELLO Eden you did a good job explaining everything but I think you knida rushed it and youve probably could of made it more better and interesting.

  7. Good job Eden! I liked how you explained some things we did in class the other day, your picture is also easy and understandable. Though I think you kinda rushed your post, and it would've been better to take more time on it, but you added some of things, so that's okay!