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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nathaniel's Fraction Scribepost

Pages 228-229

12. It takes 2 and a half scoops of flour to make one cake. How how many cakes do 15 scoops of flour make

16. Of all the land on Earth, about 3/10 is in Asia and 3/25 is in South America. How many times as big as South America is Asia

17. The average wind speed in Calgary is 4/5 of the average wind speed in Regina. The Average wind speed in Calgary is 16 km/h  .What is the average wind speed in Regina?

My test Correction:

My First mistake..... 16/9 - 3/2

32/18-27/18= 5/18

My Second Mistake.... Was Tamar

My Third Mistake.....

1 and half divide 2/3

15/6 divideed by 4/6= 3/4

My Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth mistake was that I didn't the word thing and the math 

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