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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jessica T's Fraction Scribepost

Today is class we learned about multiplying fractions, I did the first half of questions and Mae did the second half. Well here are some of the questions 
Oh and I apologize in advance if you can't see my pictures. 

  In order to solve this question you will need to follow the steps..

Step 1: Use the "elevator" method, which is using reciprocals, If you don't know what that is, here's a website that will explain what they are.

Step 2: You multiply the second fraction to make one, to do that you need to use reciprocals. 

Step 3: Whatever you multiply to the bottom you also have to do to the top!

Step 4: You then multiply those numbers and you should be able to get your answer.    

Step 5: You also can estimate if your answer is going to be  greater than 1 or less than 1. If your top fraction is greater than your bottom fraction then your answer if going to be greater than 1, but if your bottom fraction is greater than your top fraction then it's probably less than one.

For this question you repeat the same steps as above BUT there's one more step to this.

The extra step is to change the mixed number into a improper fraction.

If you still don't understand, Here's a video that might help you, This website might help also!

My test corrections

In the test I forgot to write the word question and I didn't know how to draw the pictures but now I do! hope my pictures could help!

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  1. Good job Jessica! I liked how you explained your work cleary. It made me understand it much more. Great video and link. And good job on your test! :)