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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Perry Robles's Pay It Forward

Part 1: What is " Pay It Forward? "

Pay It Forward is a random act of kindness for or to someone, expecting nothing back but to " pay it forward to another person(s), so that the next person will " pay it forward ". As that keeps on going there will be so much people " paying it forward " all started from one person.

Part 2:

My " Pay It Forward " act of kindness was shoveling the side walks on my block, and peoples yards. I chose this activity because my block had snow on it and it was hard for people to walk, such as the mailman. I have helped people like the mail man, my neighbors and other people that walk on the block all the time. I shoveled the sidewalk and some of the yards that did have a gate. I did my act of kindness on Sunday, November 25 around 2 pm.


Part 3:

My act of kindness went pretty well. Well at first I got my shovels and went to the front and started on my yard and worked down the block and into some of my neighbors yards. I knocked on the door and explained to them why I was doing it, and how all they have to do for me is " Pay It Forward ". Well at first when i was shoveling I felt pretty good, because I was making it easier for someone that walks down this block. At times I got a little cold, but deep down in my heart I felt the love and warmth. Some of my neighbors were surprised of what I was doing. But one house there was this grumpy guy where I was in the middle of explaining it and he said " WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS I'M NOT GOING TO PAY YOU ! " and closed the door. And I was shocked, so I just walked away to the other houses. Good thing only one guy did that to me.Yes I did tell the person to " Pay It Forward ". They said they would try their best to " Pay It Forward ".

Part 4:

The idea of why " Pay It Forward " is important is because it teaches young people that no matter how young you are you can make a difference in this world. You can make a difference in the world by doing the littlest things like what I did. I don't know if my act of kindness has made a difference hopefully it has. Hopefully people noticed what I did. But I think it has because my neighbors will try and do their best to " Pay It Forward ".

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