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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jessie's Dividing Scribepost

Hello, 8-14.

Today we learned a little more about dividing fractions.

Today we learned and used "Reciprocles" and we used the phrase "Share __ (Fraction) between __ (Whole Number) equal groups". I'll explain what they are and how they're used.

Let's use this as an example.

This a "Reciprocle".

I apologize if the picture is a little bit blurry.

A reciprocle is just flipping the fraction (1/4) upside down to multiply it and get 1.
Doesn't make sense? There's a part in the video below that talks about it.

You make the fraction in the denominator (Sorry, if this is confusing) a whole number and you do the same to the whole number on top. You'll get an answer over 1.

We also learned how to divide fractions by a whole number. To do this, you must think about "Sharing the fraction between a number of equal groups". 

1/4 ÷ 6 =

This is our example.
The part we have is 1/4. Then we'll divide 1/4 into 6 equal groups. Just like this. And you can also use "Receptacles" just like this.

This is what we've learned in class today.
Also sorry if this is kind of a late post.

Here's a link on how to divide fractions by whole numbers:

Have a Goodnight 8-14(: and sorry for the late post.

If this doesn't make sense, here's a video.

Test Corrections

My first mistake was on 2 1/2 X 1 3/5.
I forgot to make both the fractions improper. 2 1/2 should've been 5/2 and 1 3/5 should've been 8/5. If I multiply 5/2 by 8/5, my answer would've been 40/10 or 4.

My second mistake was on 3/4 divided by 5/12.
I accidentally put 4 X 5 = 40 when it actually equals 20. (Stupid Mistake)
The answer to this question should've been 36/20 or 1 4/5.

My third mistake was on 2 1/4 X 1 1/3
I made the same exact mistake here. I forgot to make both fractions improper.
2 1/4 should've been 9/4 and 1 1/3 should've been 4/3
If I multiply 9/4 by 4/3, my answer should've been 36/12 or 3.

My fourth mistake was on the computer terminology question.
I confused myself on this question.
I put 8/8 X 16/1 which gives 96/8 or 12.
I then noticed that my mistake is that 12 represents the bytes. The question was how many bits equal 16 bytes. I left out the other 4 bytes. The correct answer should've been 128 because each byte contains equals 8 bits.

My fifth mistake was on the pie question.
I put 1/2 - 1/4 = 1/4. I also confused myself here too. I should've multiplied 1/2 by 1/4 which gives me 1/8.

My sixth mistake was on 1 1/2 divided by 1/4.
Here, I forgot to make 1 1/2 into an improper fraction which should've been 3/2.
The answer should've been 12/2 or 6.

My final mistake was on making 5/8 divided by 1/4 a picture.
This should have been the correct picture. This shows 2 1/2


  1. Great work Jessie for explaing what is a receptacle. I think it's only me that i can't see the video on the post.

  2. Great job Jessie! I liked how you had everything that we did in class and explained it really well to make it easy for us to understand. I also liked how you made pictures and made it a good sized font for us to see. Another thing that I liked was how you found a video on the right subject and also a very good link. Well there are not really anything that I think you need to improve on except for one of your pictures, I think something went wrong and it doesn't show up. I think you did a great job overall though.

  3. good job jessie i like how you had all the stuff we did in class the pics are good to but they were a little blurry but thats ok good job overall

  4. Good job! I think you did a great job on explaining the various ways very carefully. I think you could've chosen a different colour for highlighting. The video doesn't work, sadly, but your link is very helpful.

  5. Good job Jessay! I liked how you included everything and made the post stand out, I also liked how you pictures and explained what is in the picture, but I think your pictures could be even more clear. You also spelled "Reciprocals" wrong.. so you should go back and fix that. overall you did pretty good! good job!

  6. Good job Jessie! I liked how you made sure you had everything that we learned during class, and also made sure your post was very easy to understand. One thing I think you need to fix is you spelled "Reciprocals" wrong, make sure you fix that but all in all you did a very good job!

  7. Good job Jessie! I liked how you made it easy to understand and you put a lot of detail in everything that we learned in class. I also found the link that you used, very helpful. But one thing that you need to fix is the way that you spelled "reciprocals," but other than that, you did a great job!

  8. I liked how you added everything we did at math the other day, clear and understandable! I also liked the fact, you used your own pictures, except the first one is spelled "Reciprocals" but that's okay, we still get the point. Your video you've picked is also easy to understand, good job jessie!