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Monday, October 15, 2012

Jason's Proportion post

Jasonp2's Proportion post 

Part 1 

Rate-Comapres 2 numbers measured un different units e.g. if if 10 hot dogs cos 15 dollars how much will 1 cost 

Ratio-A ratio shows the size of two or more values e.g. 1:8 

Proportion-Compares The relation between things e.g. size quantity number 

Part 2- a) it takes 5 hours to travel 360 kris about 72km 1h 

B) Emma saves 28 cents per every dollar she makes she made 75$ last week how much did she save 21 $

Part 3 - what are 3 ways you can prove that equivalent fractions are true 
1 horizontally 2 vertically and cross multiplication 

Part 5 no it is not fair at all because they both stole but the homeless man only stole 100 dollars compared to 3 billion so that man that stole the 3 billion should get 15 years 
what i know about porportion is that the homeless man is 54 so he gets 15 how old will he be when he gets out so i did this 54 +15 =69 so he might not be alive when he is out the year will be 2027 

compared to the other guys is 55 and he get 44 months so that thats roughly 4 years so when he gets out he will be 59 so the other guy almost gets 10 more years than thing guy 

I made this choice because even though they both did criminal activities one stole 3billion compared to 100 so thats not fair at all 

if i was the judge i would have gave the homeless man 6 months because he did steal and the other guy 44 years 

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