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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My We Day Experience

Words can't describe how my day went on October 30th 2012. When I think back on this day, the only words that come to mind are amazing, mind blowing and it just impacted me on how I felt about whats happening in the world. As I woke up that morning I knew this was going to be an amazing and fun day! As I got to school and got on the transit bus to go to the MTS Centre it hit me that I was actually going to take apart of We Day. When I got there my feelings filled up with excitement! When we got there we put down our stuff and went out to buy our We Day t-shirts, we also got a picture with much music television host Phoebe and Scott! They were very nice and I also got a signed picture of her! After walking around some more a company called Sliver jeans co. was giving out these "pencil cases" made out of denim! it was really cool! We then ran out of time to look around and had to go back to our seats! and now my experience begins.

When we got down on our seats I looked around and saw all 18,000 students who wanted to make a difference, It made me feel like our generation can be the difference makers, just like the some of the speakers said! Some of the speakers that were there are Mikhail Gorbachev, Sam Kates, Justice Sinclair and the most inspirational speakers like, Hannah Taylor who made her own foundation at the age of 8 called The Ladybug Foundation, Spencer West who is the most amazing person ever that will do anything that he wants even with no lower body, HE redefines possible and my favorite speaker of the whole day was Molly Burke. She impacted me the most with her story, it almost made me burst into tears, if you didn't know her story it was about about bullying, she got bullied at the age of 14. She was the "outcast" and everyone made fun of her for standing up for what she believed in. Well one day the "popular" people asked her if she wanted to hang out with them, she knew they were bullies but she was desperate to have "friends", they took her into the forest and did I tell you she was on crutches because had a broken ankle? well, when they went into the forest they told her to sit down and they took her crutches and smashed them into the trees and then left her in the forest alone, I forgot to tell you one more thing, when she started talking, we took a moment of silence and the lights dimmed down, she then down us that, she. was. blind. She couldn't see all the 18,000 students and teachers that were there right in front of her, nor did she see who bullied her but that's what made her what she is today. She stands up for those who don't have the rights to speak. That's why we should take apart of a day where we don't speak at ALL. That day is called Vow Of Silence. There are also many other campaigns that we can take part of!

Not only were there speakers but also performers!!! like Tyler Shaw (The winner of a Much Music Contest), Justin Nozuka and Lights who were Juno Award Winners, Jesse Giddings a television host on muchmusic, and I'm sure you heard of AllStar Weekend, Shawn Desman and Victoria Duffiled! I loved all the performances but my favorite one had to be Victoria Duffield! She was amazing and I love her songs! There was also this amazing poetic circus performenamed One Drop! while she was dancing our "RBC bank drop necklace lighted up! it was so cool to see the whole MTS Centre lit up with those necklaces.

Near the end Marc and Craig Keliburger were talking, If you didn't know who they were they were the ones who invented We Day. They told us about the "laws". The three laws were  The Law of Few, The Law of Will and The Law of WE. I learned that if WE work together anything is possible and if we stand together side by side we can accomplish what we want to see in the world. He also told us about people in the past who made a difference, like Nellie Mclung who said "Never Retreat, Never Explain, Never Apologize.
She stood up for Women's Rights and thanks to her, women can vote and it showed that it doesn't matter what gender you are, if you want to do it, just set your mind to it!

Overall I had an AMAZING day, and especially cause I got to spend this experience with some of my bestfriends! I wish I could go again next year, maybe I could sneak in! justkidding! I hope that when I'm 16 I could volenteer to help We Day. I hope my experience would help influence you to help make a difference also! 

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