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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My We Day Experience

Overall Impression. My overall impression of today started as happy in the morning expecting that i would just listen to people talk about making a difference in the world. Then after We Day it was life impacting. We Day means so much more to me now then it meant to me when I presented a week ago. We Day changed my life. My We Day experience was so awesome! I got to see Shawn Desman singing Nobody Does It Like You and i was screaming my but off! I was singing along with him. I got to see Tyler Shaw sing in person. And Victoria Duffield sing and dance to Break My Heart. She is so hot! i was so stunned. I got to see Lights perform her song Toes and it was amazing! She is really good at singing! and the last person that sang was Allstar Weekend. I was jumping up and down and just rocking out! Oh and when Jesse Giddings was in front of us i was screaming at him and calling him sexy! I saw Phoebe and Scott from Much Music. LOL On October 30, 2012 I was with my friends and we were waiting for the bus to come because we were going to We Day !!! I was with my good friends Jason, Issac, Jessica D, Selena, Mae and Jessica T, and twenty more friends of mine. The teachers with us was Mr. Dawson , Mr. Harbeck and Mrs. Wilson. So we got on the number 15 bus and headed for the MTS center. Once we got there we got into our seats. We sat down in the 106 section and we were pretty close. So then me and my friends settled down and went out to the booths to see the shirts and other stuff. And the first thing we saw were Scott and Phoebe from Much Music. We got in line to take a picture with them. So once i was next i hugged Phoebe and got that picture. The photographer said that the pictures will be on the Much Music website. Then we went to the booths so that Selena and Jessica T, and D could buy a shirt. After that we went back into our seats and waited for the show to start. There were so many people that talked to us from what i remember. Jesse Giddings was like the MC. and the mayor talked to us. Shawn Desman sang for us. Tyler Shaw sang acoustic for us, and Justin Nazoko. I think that was his last name. Then Molly Burke and Hannah Taylor talked to us about there lives. Spencer West and there were these two african guys and Mikhail Gorbachev . And then Victoria Duffield sang, and Lights performed, and the last band to perform was Allstar Weekend. This is what my day was like. Speakers. Who impacted you? One speaker that really impacted me was Molly Burke. She is a blind person who was blind at the age of 14 and was bullied by these girls at her school. She has impacted my life on raising awareness for bullying. And Spencer West he has taught me that anything is possible. He climb the tallest mountain in Africa. Spencer West taught me that there is no " Can't ". There were other speakers like Hannah Taylor, Sam Kates, Marc and Craig kielburg, Mikhail Gorbachev and many more. Music - Robb Nash, Tyler Shaw, Shawn desman, Victoria Duffiled, Lights , Justin Nazoka , and Allstar Weekend sang some of there songs. Law of We Law of Will Law of Few Never Retreat Never Explain Never Apologize November - We Change

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