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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My We Day Experience

It all started on Tuesday morning, October 30th, 2012 when We Day had arrived and I wanted to start making a difference. In order to make this difference I had to arrive at school before 7:45 am to be able to walk to the bus stop and to be on time at the MTS Centre to watch the We Day live. Ever since that morning I was feeling super excited that I was going to be able to see all the speakers and even all the singers like Shawn Desman, Lights etc. But most importantly, I was going to be able to learn more about making a difference and trying to help and also learn about those people who may have disabilities but still did something to help make a change and for those who still want to help make a difference today.

Well the day had started and we got on the bus and went off to the MTS Centre. Right when I got to the MTS Centre, of coarse I was starting to get really excited again. Well we found our seats and got all of our things settled then went to check out some booths and take some pictures. I got a picture and autograph from Much Music, bought a We Day shirt, and got a lot of free things! Who doesn't like free things? Well anyways after checking out all the cool things, it was time to go back to our seats because the We Day was soon to start. This was the time that I had to start listening to what all the speakers had to say and start setting my mind on what I was going to do to help make a difference. After listening to the whole performance got me really motivated to make a difference. I was so shocked to hear all of what the speakers had to say and the stories that some speakers told. The one that got me the most imspired in was Molly Burke's speech. The way that she explained her life and what had happened to her when she turned 14 years old. No words can explain how emotional it was to hear her story about turning 14 years old. Everyone was in shock and no one could believe anything that she said. It was to unbelievable to even hear. After finishing her speech got me really thinking that I really need to make a difference because I wouldn't want what happened to her to happen to me or to anyone else but to make this a change, I would need to make a difference in this world so that everyone understands that bullying is wrong and if you don't want to get bullied, then you shouldn't bully anyone else because they are feeling the same way about it.

My overall impression of We Day is that I don't think I've ever seen something so motivating and something that amazing ever before. This changed my life a lot and is really wanting me to make a big difference in the world because of everything they did especially the speakers who had such emotional and fearing speeches that made me really think and start setting my mind on being the change and making a difference. From everything I learned and heard on this day made me want to set my mind and help and also make a change. I am willing to do anything because this impression has changed me so much. From this day forward, I am going to try to do anything I can and I mean anything to make a difference in any way that is possible. Once I set my mind to do something, I have to do it, it's just how these things are. You say your going to do it and it doesn't get out of your head until you actually do it. Well this so far has been the best experience for me and I wish I could go back again next year. It has tought me the biggest lesson ever and I will never forget anything that anyone of them said.

Well as I've told you before, there are really no words that can explain how great of a job all the speakers did. There was Craig and Marc Keilburger, Hannah Taylor, Mikhail Gorbachev, Spencer West, and Molly Burke. They all did a phenomenal job but I think the one that impacted me the most was Molly Burke. Well Molly was telling us her story and it basically started when she turned 14 years old. Molly said that she had hurt her ankle so she needed to be using crutches. Well Molly also said that she wasn't a very popular girl and she didn't really have any friends. She got bullied all the time. Well one day the "popular girls" also known as the "bullies" asked Molly if she would like to hang out with them. Molly was so desperate and she really wanted to have some friends so she took the offer and agreed to hang out with them knowing that they were the bullies. While walking around with them, Molly realized that there was trees above her head and next thing she knows, she was in a forest. Well she sat down and took a break and approached to a loud noise up against the tree with her crutches. Even before she turned around to see what had happened, she already knew that her crutches were broken. Then next thing she knew it, she was all alone in a forest with no crutches so she tried to get up but it didn't work, she just fell right back down. Molly didn't know what to do at this point so her emotions came out and she started to cry. So after telling us that part, Molly told us to be quiet for the next seven seconds. Everything was dark and it was all silent, she began by saying "this is how I see my world" but everyone was kind've confused on what she mean't about that. Then she said you may have not noticed but "I am blind". I was in shock for at least five seconds but it was not only me, it was everyone. No one could believe it, no one. She told us that she turned blind at the age of 14. This changed her life a lot but she has been working through it and hasn't given up. After her story, got me really inspired because I would never ever want something like that to ever happen to me. I don't think that I would be as confident as she was and have such a strong voice while saying her story.

Well it really wasn't only the speakers that did a good job, it was also the music artists. The music artists that were there was Jesse Giddings, Shawn Desman, Tyler Shaw, Lights, Victoria Duffield, One Drop, and Allstar Weekend. They all had such great performances and sang really great songs. Well if I had to pick a favorite, I think I would pick Shawn Desman. When I told my parents that I saw Shawn Desman they told me a story about when they were younger. When they were younger Shawn Desman went to their church and he also performed and Portuguese parties like when there was special events. Well as you may know, he was not really famous back in the days but my parents told me that he was still a fabulous singer and is now really famous and plays such amazing songs. Another part that I also thought was pretty cool was when One Drop was doing her performance on the rope that was hanging from the sky. Well in the "RBC bag" that they gave us had this "RBC" bank drop necklace. Everyone took it out and put in on and when the speaker said "lights on" all of our necklaces turned on and the lights got darker and all you could see was One Drop and all of our necklaces glowing. It was pretty amazing to look at the stands and see everyone with their necklaces glowing. In my opinion, I thought that was a pretty great thing to come up with. Well these performances totally blew me away and I had the best experience of my life at We Day.

Well towards the end of the show the two men who invented We Day, which is Craig and Marc Keilburger, told us the three "laws". These were The Law of Few, The Law of Will, and The Law of We. After talking about these three laws, I learned that anyone, no matter who it is can make a difference and if we work together, anything can be possible. Craig and Marc also talked to us about a girl named Nellie Mclung who has made a difference in the past. She said "Never Retreat, Never Explain, and Never Apologize". She wanted to make women's rights better so she stood up and people started believing her. She proved that just because you are a girl, doesn't mean that you shouldn't have the same rights that the guys do. After Craig and Marc talked about Nellie Mclung, it reminded me of a girl in Afganhistan who believed that women's should have the same rights as men. This girl made a blog on how she thought that it shouldn't matter what gender you are, both male and female should have the same rights. Well after posting this blog, something very serious happened to her. She was on the bus and there was a group of males who shot her in the head and she was brought immediatley to the hosptial. This to me does not seem far what so ever. She just wanted to let the world know that both male and female should have the same rights. I think she was doing the right thing and did not deserve to get shot for any reason. Well we all know that these things happen out there and there are still some people who may still be doing these kind of things, this is why you should help make a difference so that it lets those people know that what they are doing is not right at all and no one should ever get treated the way this girl did.

After having the greatest experience of my life and having to learn such a great lesson made me really think that I really need to start making a difference. I learned that WE together can all make a difference know matter who it is and what you are going to do to make it happen. So help this world out today by making a difference and BE THE CHANGE!

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