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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Andrew's Pay it forward

Part 1: The movie pay it forward is based on showing your act of kindness. For instance the young seventh grade kid in the movie helped a homeless man get some food and shelter. He did that by bringing the homeless man to his house. Another example from the movie was when the homeless man helped save a woman from killing herself.

Part 2: My pay it forward act of kindness was helping out in a old seniors home that place was called "Arlington Haus" 

I chose to do pay it forward there because I wanted to help old people. 

I helped a lot of old people but I only remembered a few names like Old man Lennard and Old lady Cecelia.

I did a lot of things like help the workers make salad for the old people I helped serve the old people like bring the food to them. I gave them coffee if they needed it or tea. I helped set the table. I even helped deliver some food to the senior residence living in the upstairs since they could not come down to the eating area. 

                                      I did this act of kindness on December 1st.

                I am delivering food to Mr. Michael since he couldn't go down to the eating area.
Here I am getting ready to set the table.                                        Here I am handing out salad.


Part 3: My act of kindness turned out pretty good.
What happened was I helped out old people and the workers. I helped the old people by giving them coffee and tea when they needed it and I helped the workers by helping them make salad, setting the table, delivering the food to the old residence who lived in the upstairs.

The old people's reaction's were nice because after I served them they said "Be nice and keep on doing what you do best"

I asked them to pay it forward and they said "what's that?" So I explained to them and they said "oh yeah sure no problem because one little thing can make a huge difference"

Part 4: Paying it forward is an important thing to do because you can be generous to people and help them without asking anything in return.

I think my act of kindness made a difference because I helped out a lot of old people and they ended up with having smiles on their faces.

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