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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ryan's Scribepost

Well today in class we learn how to multiply postive integer and negative integers.

First we do Multiply the factors than ask remove groups of so you are left with (+)
or Multiply the factors than ask groups of (-) so you are with (+) also. ( I think)

Lets do 3 x 5. This is the easy one because it is (+3) x (+5) so you just multiply the two numbers together and the answer would be (+15). You can solve this by words using "groups of are" The number before groups is the first number and the one after of is the 2nd number and after are is the answer by solving it but you only do this if your answer is over 20. If it is under 20 you use the intergers tiltes (donut holes or timbits.)

First you draw 5 groups of 3 than. Than you add them up.
My next question is (-6) x  2 = (-12) istead of doing groups first you do this. "Removing 6 groups of 2 are (-12) You would solve this by using pictures. Like this.
The blue is negative and the red is postive. You would do 6 groups of 2 first than do the zero pair below it. Than you add it all again.
My last question is 7 x (-3) to solve this question you would do the 7 groups of (-3) and than do zero pair and if you can't see the question it is +21.
Hope you understand how to multiply integers. 

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