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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jessica Da Silva's Scribepost

Textbook pages 290-292

4) Jasmine said that she did not need any integer chips to multiply 0 x (+2) or to multiply (-3) x 0. Explain her thinking.

Answer: Jasmine did not need to add any integer chips because there is nothing to multiply it by. Multiplying zero is the same thing as multiply nothing so the answer is zero.

5) Write each repeated addition as a multiplication.

a) (+1) + (+1) + (+1) + (+1) + (+1)
Answer: (+5) x (+1) = (+5)

b) (-6) + (-6)
Answer: (+2) x (-6) = (-12)

9) What multiplication statement does each set of diagrams represent?


Answer: (+2) x (-4)


Answer: (+4) x (-2)

18) Does doubling an integer always result in an integer of greater value? Explain.
Answer: No, because when you double a negative integer, the answer or result will be a lesser value.

Here is a video to help you with multiplying integers if you are still having difficulties.

Here is a link as well for those of you who still don't get how to multiply integers.

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