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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Can's Pay it forward

Part 1
Pay it forward is a way to help people, one people can help three, then three can help nine, and it gets bigger and bigger, and help more and more people.

Part 2
My pay it forward act of kindness was to pick up garbage.
I chose this activity because I saw lots of garbage on the ground so I thought to clean up the place.
I helped people that were around the area that I cleaned up for.
I cleaned up a place.
I did it on December 4th, 2012.

Part 3
The other people just watched me.
I asked people who passed by me while I was picking up garbage to pay it forward, and I told them what it was.
Most of them just walked away and ignored me, and some said okay.

Part 4
The idea of Pay It Forward is important because it helped people, and it can help a lot of people if they participate.
Yes, it has, because lots of them said okay, will do, or yes.

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