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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mae Concepcion's Pay It Forward

Part 1: "What is pay it forward?"
       "Pay if Forward" is an act of kindness that is meant to be spread throughtout the whole crowd. Even the littlest things like, giving out cards that says something nice can change someone's day. That's where it all starts. From that one person. Then that person makes another persons day, then that person makes another person's day and so on. It's like a chain. We're all linked together in a chain, and the littlest things could break it, but also, the littlest things can fix it. Pay it forward is doing a random act of kindness and expecting nothing back. Pay it forward is when you do act to change the world.

Part 2: "What was your Pay It Forward act of kindness?"
        Our Pay It Forward act of kindness was giving out candy canes with little greeting notes. We also put some candy canes in peoples mailboxes. Another random act of kindness we did was putting notes of peoples windshields. Selena and I planned to donate some clothes, and books to the Salvation Army, but due to the time we didn't have ride a there, but we still plan on to donate more clothing and books this week.

           "Why did you chose this activity?"
     Selena and I chose giving out candy canes with little notes on them as one activity. The purpose of this was to make them smile because you'll never know if you're turn their day aroaund. Selena and I wanted to make them smile because we love the feeling of making someone smile, especially because we were the ones who caused them to smile.
      We also put some notes on peoples windshields. The purpose of this isn't that different from the purpose of the candy canes. We wanted to make them smile and make their day, because I know that little acts of kindness would've turned my day around.
        We chose donating clothes and books as an activity because we wanted to give to people who didn't have. We wanted to donate all of these stuff because we wanted people, like kids to feel equally the same as us. We thought that if we have clothes we don't wear and books we didn't read, why not put it into use and why not give it away for a good cause?

        "Who did you help?"
  I feel like we helped the people in our community. Not physically, but emotionally. I feel like we have lifted up their day to something better than they have expected.

       "What did you do?"
 Selena and I went to Polo Park to do most of our random acts of kindness. We went to the parking lot and put notes on their windshields saying something that will, hopefully brighten up their day. Another act of kindness we did was giving out candy canes and smiles. The candy canes we have handed out had little notes on them saying something that hopefully, would have made their day, brought their self-esteem up or turned their day around. Another thing we tried to do was donating some clothes and books to Salvation Army. We couldn't get a ride there, but Selena and I are going to try to donate the clothes this week, just because one thing got in our way, doesn't mean we don't stop trying.

        "When did you do you act of kindness?"
  Selena and I did our act of kindness on December 12, 2012 around 1:00 - 5:30 pm

Part 3: "How did your act of kindness go?" 
       It went pretty well! Selena and I's mission was to make someone smile and we did. :)
         "What happened?"
  So, Selena and I went to Polo Park and went to their parking lot to stick some notes to people's windshields. After that, started giving out candy canes to the workers in some stores! They were so happy that we gave them candy canes and that made us feel so great. After that, we went back to Selena's house and put the extra candy canes in some mailboxes.

      "How did you feel?"
   I felt great! I'm actually happy we got assigned to do this project, even though it was a hectic day, I felt great. It made me really happy that I actually made some I didn't know, smile. I didn't know I was capable of doing that until today! I felt nervous at first because I didn't know them, but the result was great! I feel quite different now.

       "How did the person or people react?"
  Some people that we gave the candy cane to just said thank you and smiled. But when Selena and I went to the store "Lush" we gave 1 worker a candy cane. She said that we were so sweet and nice and that this project that we were doing was a great idea. Tehn right away she wanted to help us find something in the store. Then Selena just went to look around because she loves that store. So one of the ladies came to us and asked us if we need anything or if we were looking for anything and since we were talking to her already, we decided to give her a candy cane. And get this, the second worker (The lady that we took a picture with) was so happy that she wanted to do something nice to us. So she gave us a hand treatment! After the hand treatment, she went straight to her co-workers and bragged about her candy cane! The all the workers said it was a great and sweet idea.

       "Did you ask the person or people to "Pay It Forward"?"
   Yes we did! Selena and I also wrote "Pay it Forward" on all of the notes we wrote on the candy canes and the notes for the windshields.

     "How did they react to your request?"
   They seemed confused at first, but then they got the idea after we mentioned the movie! And they were proud of what we were doing.

Part 4: "Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important?"
     The idea of "Pay it Forward" is important because it teaches young people and even adults sometimes that even littles thing can make a huge impact in the world. It can even save someone's life! Pay it Forward is important because it chains us all together to make peace in the world. It is important because it is what helps our world to become a better place.

          "Has your act of kindness made a difference?"
  Selena and I's act of kindness made a differnce for the people who were having a bad day, and we turned it around. & I know we haven't donated the clothes and books yet, but when we do, our act of kindness has made a difference by giving children new, clean clothes and some books to read so they can learn how to read and be entertained. I hope that after we donate, they'll feel equally the same as us.

I hope Selena and I's video made you smile! Now it's your turn. Make someone's day and pay it forward!


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