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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jessie's Scribepost

Here are some of the text book questions on pages 290 to 292.

1. David said he could model the multiplication (+3) x (-7) using 3 red chips and 7 blue chips.
A) Do you agree with David? Explain.
B) What chips would you use to show (+3) x (-7)? Explain

A) No, because you aren't removing, therefore you don't need any red chips.
B) I would use 21 blue chips. 7 chips in 3 different groups. I think this because (+3) x (-7) means make 3 groups of (-7).

8. Write each expression as repeated edition.

A) (+7) x (+2) = 2+2+2+2+2+2+2

B) (+4) x (-9) = (-9)+(-9)+(-9)+(-9)

12. What mulitplication statement does each set of diagrams represent?

A) (-1) x (+7) = (-7)


B) (-2) x (-5) = (+10)
15. An aircraft descends at 3m/s for 12s. Use multiplication of 2 integers to represent the situation. How far does the aircraft descend?
A) (+3) x (+12) The aircraft has descended 36m.
Here's a video on some examples of Multiplying Integers.

Click the Link to get an even more explanation on multiplying integers.

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