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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jason's Pay it Forward

1 what is pay it forward

- is an assignment a teacher was trying to per sway to the kids to do to see how they could change the world and make a difference in the world Well pay it forward is the thought a kid in a movie had his idea was if he helped 3 people than those people will help 3 people and it will keep going on and on and just keep multiplying so this kid brought a homeless man home and he helped a lady form jumping off a bridge to kill her self.

2 What is my Pay it forward act of kindness ?

 my act's of kindness were i went and packed up a bunch of old toys and clothes and I donated them to salvation army. I also went to church and i donated a big box of food to the sisters of charity  nd the take that food and the take it to go feed the homeless and i also did this thing called be a santa to a senior that is also at my church

 I chose this activity because -what that is it is when you take these little cards off this christmas tree and you pick one or how ever many you want and you buy the got you got and than you bring it to the church and they deliver it to the senior but what is special about this is these seniors are all on their own and they don't ave any body to celebrate christmas with and you are giving them a gift to let them  them have a good christmas

I chose this activity because the sisters of charity the take that food and the take it to go feed the homeless

 I chose this activity because it is giving so people that can not afford new toys or new clothes can enjoy my old ones

I did this act of kindness december first because its a new month and a new time to start a difference

Here I am just packing up my old clothes and toys                            Here I'm bring it to salvation army

Here I'm bringing the food to my church                                        Here I have my santa to a senior

3 How did my act of kindness go

What happened I  donated clothes food and gifts

How did I feel pretty normal

I did ask the people to pay it forward by doing things like this

 4 Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important. You do something nice to someone, that person dosen't pay you back they pay it forward. To make a differance in the world.

Please Remember To Pay It Forward 

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