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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Selena's Pay it Forward

What is pay it forward?

To me, Pay it forward is doing act an act of kindness to random people and getting nothing in return. You do something for them that makes them happy and makes you feel good inside! Just for the heck of it. Just to try and make a difference. Then whoever you helped, goes and pays it forward to somebody else, and so forth. It's a chain reaction.The simplest things can make a difference. 

We chose to do this because:
 Smiling to me just makes me feel happier. When I see other people smile it makes me feel good. You never know when all somebody needs is a smile to make them feel better. Even just a simple hello. Whenever I am upset and I see my bestfriends being silly and telling jokes to make me happy again, it always works. Smiling and laughter is the best medicine in my book.

Our act of kindness took place on December 1st in the afternoon and evening. 

"How did your act of kindness go?"  
       I think our act of kindness went great! Mae and I wanted to make people smile, and we did. 
         "What happened?"
  Mae and I went to polo park and handed out candy canes with notes on them. We also left notes on cars and candy canes in some mailboxes on my street.

      "How did you feel?"
  I felt awesome! The ladies at Lush were SO kind to us! they were all smiling which made me feel really good inside! I am glad that we did this project even though it took us awhile to get everything organized. 
       "How did the person or people react?" 
Around the mall as we gave out, some would smile and say thank you but at Lush, that's completely different! From personal experience I know that the ladies there are already nice considering I am in that store every single time I do go to Polo. When we explained to one of the girls what we were doing she had such a big smile on her face! I felt so great! After she told us we were so sweet and adorable etc etc, I wanted to look around. Another lady came up to us and asked if we needed anything, Mae and I decided to tell her about our candy canes and give her one! The lady was soo nice that she gave us hand treatments!!! Our hands were so ridiculously soft afterwards!  

       "Did you ask the person or people to "Pay It Forward"?"
   In fact we did! I wrote "pay it forward" on our notes and others knew about the movie so they had a good idea of what we were doing.

     "How did they react to your request?"
 After we mentioned the movie "Pay it forward" They underdstood what we meant. 

 "Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important?"
     Pay it forward is important because well, we are the change! The smallest little things can make the biggest differences. It's up to us to make our world a better place. 

          "Has your act of kindness made a difference?"
  I believe mae and I made a difference in the peoples days. Hopefully they might have told friends about it and maybe they may want to pay it forward! Although we haven't donated the clothes YET we still will! I donate clothes and stuff regularly actually! Hopefully the kids who read those books will love them and maybe it'll encourage them to read more!

I hope that you enjoyed our video. Go out and

 make somebody's day! Pay it forward.


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