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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ryan's Pay it Forward

1.What is "Pay it Forward"?
Pay it Forward is by a little kid who plans to change the world by on person helping with three people than those people works with three other people per person and they keep multpilying. His teacher put something in the board I believe its something like this "What can you make a differance to your world?" Than this kid brought this homeless guy to his house after that he tried to help his teacher after that he help his mom. The homeless guy helped a lady not to commit suicde. He tells his teacher to go out with his mom and his mom is trying not to be drunk no more so she can have a husband again.

2.What was mine Pay it Forward act of kindness? My was collecting recyclable items/garbage from my basement.
I pick this activity because my big brother already shovel the snow and my basement is really getting dirty so I clean it up a bit.
I help my mom so she dosen't have to do the cleaning in the basement and she won't yell at me for like a couple hours or so.
I did is cleaning up my basement by collecting garbage/recyclable items that are left on the floor or anywhere.
I did this act of kindness on the first day of december when I wake up around four than I could do something.

Please know that I was the only one awake collecting my garbage/recycle so I have to do this one hand taking a picture and the other one for collecting. The other picture is me picking up garbage from the floor.
3.How did my act of kindness go? It pretty went okay.
What happened? Me just cleaning.
How did I feel? I felt great.
I didn't ask the person to "Pay it Forward" because she already do most of the things like helping her friends and family.
4.Why is the idea of "Pay it Forward" important. You do something nice to someone, that person dosen't pay you back they pay it forward. To make a differance in the world.
My act of kindness made a difference because I don't do the cleaning that much.

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